How To Conduct Keyword Research As A Tradesperson

How To Conduct Keyword Research As A Tradesperson

Ranking for the right keywords can literally make or break your website. That’s why you need to carry out keyword research and discover which phrases and terms your customers and prospects are using when they search the internet. While search engine optimisation (SEO) strategies and tactics have changed and evolved over the years, one aspect …

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SEO Basics: What Is Search Engine Optimisation | Tradesman’s SEO

SEO Basics: What Is Search Engine Optimisation?

Whenever people want to find information online, their first port of call is a reputable search engine, like Google, Yahoo! or Bing. These simple, yet extremely powerful websites have the ability to take a search term and return millions of results in a matter of seconds. The popularity of the world’s largest search engines can …

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A Guide On Long Tail Keywords | Tradesman’s SEO Advice

Long Tail Keywords

Hopefully, you’ll have already read our guide on choosing the right keywords for your business, If not, please spend five minutes or so reading it now because you’ll get more out of this guide on long tail keywords as a result. What Are Long Tail Keywords? Long tail keywords differ from short tail keywords in …

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Choosing The Right Keywords For Your Business

choosing the right keywords

Keywords are the words and phrases internet users type into the search box of a search engine, such as Google, Bing and Yahoo!, when they are trying to find information online. For example, someone might search online for “plumbers in Derby” or “builders in Leicester” when they are looking for a tradesperson. The most relevant …

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Can A Tradesperson Get Page 1 On Google?

Postion 1 Of Google

In simplest terms the answer is YES – A tradesperson can get position 1 on google. What is more important to think about, is what are you prepared to do to get your website onto page 1 of google.

That sounds like a really ridiculous thing to even think about, let alone suggest. Everyone wants page 1 results on the biggest search engine there is. Don’t they?

Well, yes, they do, and anyone wants to get on page 1 of google because they know that is where most of your customers will be looking for you.  It makes sense that you would want to be in front of your customers as much as possible and page 1 of google will do this.

The best place to hide a dead body is on page 2 of Google

That saying is as important today is it ever has been.  More and more people are using the internet to find the things that they want and page 1 of google is one of the best places to get in front of your customers.  It is very rare that anyone will go to page 2, 3 or further in the search results to find what they are looking for.

The trouble is, you could spend hours and hours, and countless amounts of money trying to get a tradesperson, or anyone else for that matter on page 1 of Google.  You have to ask yourself whether or not getting on page 1 of Google is actually worth the effort.

Page 1 on Google: How Can A Tradesperson Get Page 1 On Google

The first thing to note is that anyone ‘promising’ or ‘guaranteeing’ you that will get you on the front page of Google, is lying.

NO-ONE can do any of the above and you should steer clear of anyone promising you that you can.  What you can do, is use some techniques and strategies to help you get there, or certainly at least give you a boost.

There are various methods people use to get page 1 results on Google.  The easiest and the most cost effective way a tradesperson can get onto page 1 of Google is to use ‘Long Tail Keywords‘.  We will be dedicating a topic to this later, but in simplest terms to get yourself in front of your customers and in deed onto the first page of the search results is that you need to use a search term or phrase they they will be using to find you, but you also need to ensure that the phrase you use is unique enough to be low competition.

It is going to be really difficult to get yourself onto the first page of google for a really competitive term.  lets take ‘local plumber‘ as a prime example.  At the time of writing, there were 35,000,000 results for this search term.  Thats 35 Million results, all trying to get position 1 of google! Depending on your location (which does have a significant effect on results in some cases) you have a considerable amount of competition and you would likely spend a lot of time and money trying to compete for this keyword, and you will be competing with business that are more established .

If you consider some slight changes to the keyword and the search that you think the customer might put, then you can massively reduce the number of competitors trying to vie for the same market, but also this will bring your page higher up in the results.

Using the same query, we could then add some more to the question and then this would result in “local plumbers covering nuneaton“.  The brings back only 179,000 results.  Less than 1% of the initial query.  This considerably helps any tradesman wishing to get themselves on the first page of google.

Guaranteeing Page 1 On Google: The Largest Search Engine In The World

There is a very simple way of guaranteeing the top spot on the largest search engine in the world and that is to use a relatively low competition keyword, that will entice anyone looking for it to come to your site and then browse around and purchase another or similar service from you.  If you that the following search term “can a tradesperson get position 1 of google”, at the time of writing, whilst there were around 1.7 million results, not one of them actually answered that question (something we are looking to do with this post).

The results shown for the term ‘can a tradesperson get position 1 of google’ were very mixed and not 1 of the sites in the first page actually answered the question we were asking.  Therefore we are taking a gamble that this post will be at the top of the results page as this ‘should’ answer the question asked.

If you use the same philosophy towards your own efforts and your own site, you’ll find that very soon you will be getting nearer the top of the search results for many of the keywords that you are looking to be found for and in turn, your business will grow.

There is no definitive answer to getting to the top, but anything that can be done to help is certainly worth exploring.