Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that sometimes before making a purchase there are often questions that you need answers to.

Our frequently asked questions section gives as much pre-purchase information as we can to help you make the right and informed decisions about using Websites For The Trade for your website project.

General Websites For The Trade FAQ

We are an online digital marketing company that specialising is services for tradespeople.

You can find more information about who we are and what we are about in our dedicated about us page

We offer a wide range of services specifically for tradespeople.

Our main services are:

  1. Responsive Website Design
  2. Search Engine Optimisation
  3. Social Media Marketing
  4. Content Writing And Blogging

Our respsonive website design services carry a 12 month minimum contract length.

All there services have no contracts and you can cancel at any time.

You can contact us via our contact forms on our website or by our contact page.

You can also reach our to use on social media, or by sending us and email to

All responsive websites carry a minimum contract length of 12 months.  To cancel within this time you will need to pay your outstanding balance before transferring to another provider.

To cancel any other service, simply send us an email or use one of our online contact forms.

Working With Websites For The Trade can really help your business grow. We're so confident in our ability to help and manage your business we even offer a moneyback guarantee.

For each of the services we offer, we have detailed FAQs to help you decide is Websites For The Trade Are For You.

Responsive Website Design FAQS

Each website is designed and built around your business.  We aim to make all sites live within 30 days.

Because all responsive websites are totally managed by us, we include everything needed to get your site online.

This includes the following:

  1. Content (wording) for the following pages
    1. Home Page
    2. Up to 5 services pages
    3. Contact Page
    4. Terms and Conditions page
    5. Frequently asked questions
  2. Images for the main pages and service pages
  3. Complete branding of the site to your company colours
  4. Customised design of your home page

All websites built by Websites For The Trade are subject to a 12 month minimum contract length

You do!  We will register your chosen domain name for you under our domain registrar account.  At any point you wish to leave us, your domain will be transferred for you or your

Our platform has been designed to be easily managed by you.

All content, reviews, galleries and business information is editable by you.

However, because we offer a fully managed service, you only need to contact us and well make any changes you request for you.

After your initial site setup, all changes have to be made by ourselves to keep your site working correctly.

We may introduce new features at a later date that allow you to make your own changes but currently all changes have to be made by ourselves to the design and layout of your site.

Our responsive website  design platform is built on WordPress, one of the most sophisticated CMS systems there is.

In fact approximately 20% of the websites on the internet are powered by WordPress. You can find out more by following this link

Search Engine Optimisation FAQS

Of course.  It’s not just our own websites we help with SEO, we can help all tradespeople make their sites work better.

Search Engines like Google are continuously refining how they rank web pages, some of the key areas to work on with your SEO efforts are::

  1. Picking the right keywords
  2. Having your site optimised
  3. Create rich and engaging content
  4. Develop high quality links to your site from other sites

No! We can undertake search engine optimisation on a per page bases if required.

However, we recommend a continued SEO process to get the best from your site.

When we take on a new SEO service, we will talk you through what we think are the best options for your site in an easy to understand way.

We always start by performing  ‘on-page’ optimisations and take it from there.

There are many things you can do to help with your own sites SEO.  We keep our blog up to date with the latest news and help articles to help you undertake SEO yourself.

Social Media Marketing FAQS

Yes, we work on all forms of Social Media and can setup your business accounts on each and every one of them.

With our extensive knowledge and thorough testing, at the moment the most efficient and cost effective Social Media channel for businesses is Facebook

No! We can perform as mucb or as little Social Media Marketing as you like.

However, we recommend a continued marketing process to get the best from your website and your efforts.

Social Media changes on a n almost daily bases.  What works today, may not work tomorrow.

The main point about Social Media Marketing is to be consistent with your efforts.

There are many things you can do to help with your own Social Media Marketing.  We keep our blog up to date with the latest news and help articles to help you undertake Social Media Marketing yourself.

Blog and Content Writing FAQs

Content is King!

Search Engines like Google rank websites based on a number of criteria and fresh and new content is one such area they use.

No! We can undertake professional content writing on a per page basis.

However, we recommend a continued content writing process to get the best from your site.

We produce content for a large number of companies and websites.

Some of the work we do is for link building processes as part of SEO and is used to publish on other sites to create links.

A 4-500 word article is enough content for the search engines to understand what your content is about and to keep your customers engaged.

Of Course. We keep our blog up to date with the latest news and help articles to help you undertake content writing yourself.

Still Not ready?

We understand you may still have questions about our services.

Simply get in touch and we will endeavour to answer your queries in an easy to understand way