Moneyback Guarantee Offered By Websites For The Trade

Websites For The Trade are one of the only digital service companies to offer an honest and reliable moneyback guarantee on the work we undertake.

Subject to the criteria given below, we promise to give a full refund if you are not satisfied with the service you have received from websites for the trade.

What is NOT included in our moneyback guarantee?

Obviously, there are certain products and services that are excluded from our moneyback guarantee.

Digital Design / Logo Design / Branding / Website Design

Due to the nature of these products, these are excluded from our moneyback guarantee.  Whilst not an exhaustive list, the below items are classified as items excluded:

  1. Any form of website, including design, modifications to existing website design
  2. Hosting, except where we have failed to host your website
  3. Logos
  4. Branding, including letterheads, logos, fonts and such
  5. Physical items purchased (marketing materials, branded items etc)
  6. Special Orders
  7. Specific content written for you where we have previously stated that this would be excluded
  8. Search engine optimisation for short tail keywords
  9. Search engine optimisation on any site that is less than 6 months old

What IS included in our moneyback guarantee?

We believe we are specialists at what we do and therefore are able to offer a moneyback giarantee on many of the services we offer.

Search engine optimisation

We guarantee the we will offer a full refund on any search engine optimisation work we undertake where an increase in search results / rankings is not received in the time specified at inception of the work.

Before undertaking the work, we will advise you of the gain we hope to make, and the time specified in which it would take us to do this. If we fail to either increase your ranking for the keyword or site we are working with, or in the time specified, then we offer a full refund.

Social media marketing

Before undertaking any social media marketing (including Adwords), we will advise you of what we are going to be doing and what effect anticipate this to have.  For example: if we are running an Adwords campaign, we will give an idea of the amount of leads / like or enquiries you will get for your budget. A full refund of the price paid will be given if we are unable to achieve the stated results.

Content and blog writing / copywriting

Each article / blog post we wrote is unique and is tailored to your market and your site.  

We will give you an anticipated ranking position for each article we write.  If we do not achieve the suggested position on only, we will provide a full refund.  

We will not guarantee any position or offer our money back guarantee on any keyword we feel is too short, or where you are expecting unrealistic results in a short space of time.

If you unsure about any of the terms in our moneyback guarantee please feel free to get in touch before hand to see if you are covered.